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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

swimming dagonThe Esoteric Order of Dagon (E.'.O.'.D.'.) is a serious occult Order which has been working Lovecraftian magick for nearly 30 years. The E.'.O.'.D.'. utilizes the so-called Cthulhu Mythos of the horror and fantasy writer H. P. Lovecraft as a magickal method of exploring the Collective Unconscious. The Order claims descent from the traditions of the Sirius mystery cults of ancient Egypt and Sumeria.

Other influences include Kenneth Grant, the British occultist, disciple of Aleister Crowley, and head of the Typhonian Order, who also attaches great occult significance to the writings of Lovecraft.

The excellent H.P. Lovecraft Amateur Press Association of the same name has no connection or relationship with us.

Many people have an incomplete or distorted history of our organization, mostly due to the difficulty in getting accurate information about it. Other supposed esoteric groups using the same name are obviously bogus upon careful inspection and can be dismissed as fraudulent and sources of misleading disinformation.

The name of our Order is derived from the story The Shadow Over Innsmouth by the New England horror and fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft, (1890-1937). Written in November/December, 1931 and published in 1936, it was the only book of HPL’s fiction to be published and distributed in his lifetime.

Lovecraft’s fiction, first published in the American pulp magazines such as Weird Tales, presents an internally consistent cosmology, constructed through the literary realizations of the author’s dreams and intuitive impulses. This cosmology came to be known as the “Cthulhu Mythos”, after its central deity. These stories and novels contain hidden meanings and magickal formulae unknown even to their creator.

Lovecraft suffered from an acute inferiority complex, which prevented him from personally crossing the Abyss in his lifetime. He remained a withdrawn and lonely writer who retained a rational, skeptical view of the universe, despite the glimpses of places and entities beyond the world of mundane reality, which his dream experiences allowed him. He never learned the true origin of the tremendous vistas of cosmic strangeness that haunted his dreams. He never realized that he was himself the High Priest ‘Ech-Pi-El’, the Prophet of the dawning Aeon of Cthulhu.

Before he died, Lovecraft left behind the “Silver Key to the Ultimate Gate” in the form of Randolph Carter, his most developed character who appears in no less than four tales. This character assumed an independent existence during and after Lovecraft’s life, a created being called a thoughtform, and known in Tibet as a Tulpa. For many years Randolph Carter waited in the parallel world that men and women of this world can sometimes visit in dreams for someone to discover the clues to the Mythos that Lovecraft had unconsciously revealed in his stories.

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